"The story’s forceful denouement of desperate warfare, and Scofield’s final engagement, fully justifies the book’s title."see Kirkus Reviews ▶️

Book 1 of the Prophecy Trilogy:
1.  The Lion’s ProphecySee reviews
2.  Comes Now the Darkness
3.  The Final Battle of Armageddon

The Prophecy Trilogy explores the end-times prophecy with a modern viewpoint. It incorporates the Author’s vision of how future technologies will impact warfare—wars driven by the alchemy of scientists rather than strategists. The first book introduces the technologies and the main protagonists amidst a global conflict initiated by Islamic terrorists in nuclear attacks against the United States.  The first battles of Armageddon are indecisive and give rise to the emergence of the Islamic Caliphate in the second book of the Prophecy Trilogy. The events in book two lead to a deeper conflict that involves most of the world and ends in a climatic battle in the United States. In the final book, the Armageddon war continues with the world’s armies eventually drawn to the Middle East where the Jewish people make ready to defend their ancient homeland. The final battle is waged over a vast region with its center near a plain called Megiddo.

The three stories are told through the experiences of an angelic presence brought to earth to balance Good against Evil. Maria Olsen’s journey becomes your journey as she assumes command of Marine Forces at the Battle of Mecca after the death of its legendary leader. Her Devine mission—unbeknownst to her—is finally revealed when she leads a desperate counterattack during the final battle of Armageddon…